Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Start in Gaming

It all started back in 2007 when I joined this group. I had just found the website and saw the ROJ gaming group. I had always wanted to try to play D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) so I signed up for the monthly meet up game. The DM (Dungeon Master) James met with me before the game and helped me to create my first character, a half elf named Laila. She was a bratty little character but, oh so fun to play!

Then it came time to go to my first meet up game. Oh, I was so intimidated and nervous. It was at War Dogs (boy do I miss that place) There were a ton people there, all experienced gamers. I had no idea if I was going to make a fool of myself or mess up the game. However, I soon realized that my fellow gamers were very nice and helpful.

It did not take long before got into the game and was having a blast. Then, it happened, I was killed. Laila was squished by a dragon. I was so sad, because the game was over for me. But, my fellow gamers and the DM decided to "save" my character so I could continue to play. That is one of the things I love about rpg's unlike in real life, games provide second chances. Don't believe me, play World of Warcraft, see how many chances you get to be resurrected. :-)

After that first game, I began to go to more meetups. Play in games and eventually developed a group of friends who I would game with regularly.  I have always been kind of shy, a worrier, high stressed etc. Gaming provided an outlet for me. It would give me a chance to socialize and get out of my own head for awhile.

For the last couple of years life has pulled me away from gaming, but all for good things. I met my amazing husband, graduated college and started working in the good ole corporate world! I still game, mostly World of Warcraft online when I am not too tired. But, I have not run or played in a D&D game for ages!

Then last summer, the organizer for ROJ was stepping down, understandably so. He sent me an e-mail, offering me along with a couple of others a chance to take over the group. When I saw no one else stepping up, I decided to take over the group, afterall it had done so much for me and others that I know. So as you can see, gaming is still a big part of my life.


(an aside) I know I am not the best organizer. But, to be honest being an organizer is not easy. Just know that I am doing my best to keep this group going and make it even better! Thanks!

Monday, March 19, 2012

All's well that ends...

A play by post game has just been added to our group. It is a home-brewed game that I am developing titled All's well that see :-)  I am very excited about this because it will create a way for those that are too busy to attend a game to play some D&D. It begins in early April and there is no cap on how many can participate. Play by post games can be awesome or downright horrible. Participation is what will make this game awesome! So please sign up!

I will be posting more about this game as the opening gets closer.

-Dungeon Mistress

Fresh Start New Blog

Hello to my fellow gamers. We had a blog awhile ago but that has fizzled out. Which is mostly my fault. But, I have decided to start a new blog with a fresh start. Here I will talk about all things RolePlayers of Jacksonville and gaming in general. Thanks for hanging in there to all our members, check back often for updates.

If you would like to contribute to this blog or volunteer to help me run it please e-mail me.

Thanks :-)